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Cacao Ceremony - Palm Springs

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  • Duration: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST
  • This ceremony will be led by Angeline and Anastasia. Anastasia is a mental Health Coach, Vedic Astrologer, and Ayurvedic Consultant. She combines modern science with ancient wisdom, merging her studies of Western Psychology and studies of Eastern traditions. Anastasia and Angeline host this Wellness ceremony at the boho-chic Island Tribe - Bali Hut studio near Palm Springs.
  • To begin, the ingredients for the Cacao Ritual will be ceremoniously prepared. We will add Rose and Blue Lotus flowers to a boil. Rose flowers are used as a heart opener, a connection to our feminine side. The Blue Lotus is used as an intuition flower, as the herbs brew, the sweet aroma fills the air.
  • The ceremonial Cacao is grown with pure spiritual intentions by the Arhuaco Tribe of the Sierra Nevada of Colombia. A mediation dose will then be blended together with the herbs and then set aside for our healing tribute.

We will then honor the space by smudging each guest with sage. Serve each guest the warm cacao. We will then start a series of breath-work during the meditation, and end with the soothing vibrations on the Shamanic Drums.

  • This sacred ceremony is an exercise in mental health, and the health of a person starts with a healthy spirit, as a healthy mind allows for the preservation of the body.
  •  PS: Kindly reach out to us to Request Special Dates or any other Inquiries: Gotribal@islandtribribeusa.com
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