Our mission is to better our environment with sustainable designs for generations to come. We pursue  conscious production  processes  by using natural, renewable and biodegradable textiles as much as possible, make only small Capsule collections and offer made-to-order designs to reduce overstock waste through slow fashion. We pledge to reduce our carbon footprint by continually adopting sustainable production practices.

Social Good

Have you ever thought about the women who made your clothing? Our clothing is designed in The California sacred desert - Palm Springs and handcrafted by women artisans in Bali and India. We’re committed to empowering her! She’s a Mother, a Wife, a Sister and a Daughter. We’re committed to fair trade and ethical practices ensuring that she is receiving a living wage to aid her economic independence and build her dreams.

Mindful Living - Human Sustainability 

With the current global turmoils, environmental pressures and uncertainties; there is a transformational need for healing and reconnecting with nature for humanity. Over the years, Island Tribe has fostered a dynamic community.  A “Tribe” that is conscious of the environment and Holistic Living. We’ve built that human connection through engaging in mindful community initiatives. We believe that the secret to a balanced life is a healthy relation between the Mind, Body and Soul.