About Us

Welcome to Island Tribe! A Fashion and Wellness Lifestyle destination. Founded by Designer, Stylist, and Author Angeline Hayling and Co-Founder Designer, Photographer OD Odero. Island Tribe is Inspired by our Global Travels, Culture, and the Elements of life. Our sustainable designs are made with Love for all the Free-spirited around the world. 

Slow Fashion Movement

At Island Tribe, we believe in the power to change the way fashion is made and consumed by embracing Slow Fashion. We advocate for manufacturing that respects humanity and the environment. Our Eco-friendly collections are made with sustainable or natural fibers, Made-to-order, and produced in small batches to reduce waste. We embrace Fairtrade partnership with our global artisans in Bali, Mali, and India, amongst others. Taking it a step further, our latest collection was sustainably made in the U.S.A. right here in California, giving back to our communities and stimulating our local economy.


The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Fast fashion is depleting the Earth's natural resources at an alarming rate through over-production. Fast fashion is the incubator to endless clothing manufacturing cycles from runways to factories and to the consumers with no regard to the environment. Unfortunately, most of these mills are operated under deplorable working conditions, usually in developing countries with low wages, often through child labor. Eventually, the garments end up in landfills across the world. Have you ever wondered why a dress could cost just a few dollars? How about the wages and working conditions of the makers? We, the consumers, have the power to change from impulse consumerism to conscious consumerism by considering slow fashion. Choose to invest in quality pieces, consider vintage clothing, buy less and support Made-in-America. It's time to Slow Down!

Human Sustainability 

We also advocate for mental health awareness through our wellness workshops. We have infused wellness into fashion as a conscious path to healing and raising our vibrations as a collective. Over the years, Island Tribe has fostered a dynamic community. A "Tribe" that is conscious of the environment and Holistic Living. We believe that the secret to a balanced life is a healthy relationship between the Mind, Body, and Soul. With humble beginnings, we've created a healing desert sanctuary where women can connect, create, heal and empower each other. Our philosophy is to celebrate inclusivity, diversity, self-love, and empowerment. We offer a full calendar of wellness healing events, retreats, and creative workshops. We collaborate with local wellness leaders, hosting Cacao Ceremonies, Nature Hikes and hosting local artists in Southern California.


Island Tribe was selected as one of the Top Emerging fashion brands to attend the FIT New York - The Fashion Institute of Technology Design Entrepreneur Program - MBA Scholarship in 2020. Our designs have been featured in Vogue, Forbes, NBC News, In-Style Magazine, WWD, and recognized as one of the top emerging Clothing Brands to Shop by Oprah Magazine.

Peace ☮️ 

We invite you to experience our designs at our Palm Springs concept space, the "Bali Hut" or online, Social channels, and through our Stockist near you.
With Love from California
Angeline Hayling & "OD" Odero