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Jasmine Floral Mask

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Floral Prints
  • Limited Edition As Seen on Vogue: Back In Stock!
  • In support of the COVID-19 relief efforts and protecting those vulnerable to the virus. We’ve designed reusable, washable non-medical masks. 

    Design: Signature Mask

    • Upcycled Premium Fine Prints Chiffon with a Feminine Touch 
    • Breathable 100% Cotton Layered Micro-Filter
    • Multiple Layered fabric for added protection
    • Stylish, lightweight, Chic
    • Comes with a Matching Scrunchy for a Styled Look 
    • Supports our Sustainable Upcycle Efforts   
    • Handmade Locally in the USA 🇺🇸 

    Wear & Care Instructions:

    We’ve designed this mask with comfort, style and protection in mind. The Elastic bands are secured overhead rather than looped at the ear, to avoid the ear-aches and loose fit.

    • Wash your hands before putting on and after removing your mask
    • Pull both elastic bands over the Head to wear
    • Adjust one strap to the nape of the Head and secure the other to the mid/top of the Head
    • Adjust the fabric over the nose and along the jawline, to ensure a snug fit on your face without gaps  
    • Hand-wash and air dry after use. 


  • Shipping: All shipping is charged to the customer & subject to customer’s home country local Taxes and Tariff.
    Enjoy Shopping with Confidence:
    We are committed to the utmost customer satisfaction with our designs at Island Tribe. We make the best effort to ensure that our designs are accurately depicted on images and that the correct items have in fact been shipped with every order. We are honored to be your designer of choice. 
    No Returns or Exchange:
    Due to the current Covid19 Regulations, we do not accept used Masks for risks associated with the Pandemic. Customers are Required to contact our Customer Care Team for Store Credit approvals within the first 3 days of delivery through Email. Upon approval - We'll generously provide Store Credit  within ( 7 days in the US. and 14 days for International orders) upon delivery. 
    Contact Customer Care:
    Email: care@islandtribeusa.com                                             

  • Sizing Requirements:

    One Size Fits Most.

    Our customer care team will be more than happy to assist you through this process in ordering  your beautiful  Mask.


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