Bowls For the Brave!

Bowls For the Brave!

Support Our Communities! As the Going gets tough on the Frontlines of the COVID19 pandemic, many of our medical facilities and Communities are stretched thin. We've witnessed Healthcare workers report to work without having had a Cup of coffee or a Bowl of cereal, not because they can't afford one, but because there wasn’t enough time to prepare one. With many restless hours at work and faced with a shortage of staff in supporting the ever growing number of critical COVID19 patients; these heroes need as much help as possible from the community to afford them the necessary time to rest, so they could perform at their utmost best.

We are pleased to Announce a unique partnership in sponsoring " Bowls for the Brave" Campaign in support of Frontline Healthcare Heroes in the Detroit area Hospital Community. We've partnered with these kind hearted brands Teffola and The Purple Beat in Detroit to join in the "Bowls for the Brave" drive taking the amazing Açaí smoothies from The Purple Beet, and topping it with Teffola and  delivering right to the people who need it most. The açaí smoothie, like Teffola, is full of whole food ingredients: Berries, Fig, Spinach, Açaí and a bit of Peanut butter! Lots of nutrition for the people working so hard on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Island Tribe, Teffola and The Purple Beet are donating 25 bowls to start and since raised over 900 bowls. We're also inviting the community to add to our donations. We're calling this pilot initiative Bowls for the Brave because the men and women working in the ICU's and on the front line of this global pandemic are risking so much every time they walk into work. 


Join us in feeding them with Food, Community, and Hope. 

Want to Gift A Bowl to a Brave Hero?


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