Dear Tribe: COVID-19

Dear Tribe:  COVID-19

Dear Tribe!

Much love and greetings from us! We hope that you are well and keeping safe during these uncertain times. We are all experiencing the same effects if not fears from the dilemma caused by the spread of COVID19 Pandemic.

We are reaching out to our community to share a few words of encouragement and also update you on the status of our operations at Island Tribe. It’s clear that the ongoing situation with the social distancing is steadily evolving with time and we don’t know for certain how long it would take before we are back to the new normal. We have reduced our shipping only to certain limited styles and also gradually phased out certain collections. We are still shipping worldwide but with limited logistical capacity.

Despite the overall situation, we’re deeply grateful and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support especially for those that have kept placing orders online and also purchasing our new gift cards which have been a key source of revenue in sustaining our small team during these difficult times.

In addition to our internal efforts to support our Island tribe community, we also want to appreciate those of you that are involved on the frontlines in fighting the COVID19 pandemic. We are praying for your safety and sending you all the blessings and positive energy. You are our great champions!

Love and Light!


Angeline  & OD 

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