Island Babe: Zaliris - Founder: Wise Roots Living

Island Babe: Zaliris - Founder: Wise Roots Living

Meet Caribbean Goddess Zaliris Pasztor Founder of  Wise Roots Living.

Zal is a third generation daughter  of intuitive healers in a line of Dominican women who believes in the connection with nature, the energy we transmit and wisdom of the feminine body. 
After 5 years of sharing her magic amongst her friends, Zal decided to create a  skin care line.  The energy, aromatherapy and textures of Wise Roots Living is reminiscent of the mild sweetness of a warm Caribbean night. Free of chemicals and infused with ancient remedies for relaxation, you can be at ease knowing the wise and natural balance of your skin won’t be compromised but nourished to a naturally healing. 
Zal believes in empathy and synergy, which makes all her potions and practices be focused on finding that inner spiritual connection with Nature.

Clothing : Island Tribe Coachella Kaftan, Styled with a Moroccan Belt             Captured by Christelle Eloi 
Location: Earth “N” Us Farm

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