Habitas Bacalar: For the Wellness Enthusiast

Habitas Bacalar: For the Wellness Enthusiast

Are you a wellness enthusiast seeking an eco-conscious travel experience?

Or are you looking to disengage to find your inner self? Look no further! This summer, we explored one of the most tranquil sustainable destinations worth all accolades. Here is your destination for an escape and reconnecting with the self in the deep embrace of mother nature.

Habitas Bacalar is a holistic oasis ideal for recharging your mind, body, and soul. It is located between the Mayan Jungles in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and the shores of an ancient sacred blue lagoon, “ Laguna de Bacalar,” along the Caribean coast. This 31-mile lagoon near the border of Belize is known for its seven shades of turquoise aquamarine. Habitas focuses on sustainability and collaborating with the local community as key elements of their hospitality.


Arriving at Habitas Bacalar is quite intriguing; you have to seek it. Unlike Tulum, two hours north, the location is void of tourists. It’s tranquil and isolated in the jungle. Beyond a pair of unmarked gates, guests are greeted under a thatched reception area and welcomed to a Mayan ritual honoring the elements of the land. This ceremony—centered on creating intentions—sets the tone for the Habitas Bacalar experience. Guests are then escorted down a forested, maze-like road to the main lodge, where the magic unveils.

As you enter the main lodge, A-Framed palm-lined tented rooms with an earthy palette are strategically located amongst mangroves and eucalyptus trees on the lagoon's shores, overlooking crystal waters with seven shades of blue as others open myriad of jungle palms. Nature-shaded walkways weave around the mangroves and over the small streams that run throughout the property. It's Magical! 

What to pack for your trip to Habitas:  

Keeping to the elements of sustainability and luxury at Habitas.  We recommend packing light with only the essentials you will need for your stay. 

  • Choose organic and natural resort-style clothing that connects you to Bacalar’s natural surroundings and warm weather. Island Tribe's kaftans and Swimwear are stylish, eco-friendly, and breathable to wear as you rejuvenate.
  • Accessorize with chic made-in Tulum hat designs like Inti-Spirit for a relaxed boho-chic vibe.
  • Pack your favorite self-healing book to nourish the spirit as you chill lagoon side. This month, we are reading  Breath By Breath: The liberating practice of Insight Meditation.
  • P.S Don’t forget to pack your natural insect repellant. 

The overall vibe at Habitas Bacalar is secluded luxury.  Guests can participate in various lessons or activities, including but not limited to sunrise stand-up paddle-boarding, guided meditation, breathwork, and yoga. Cozy up at the lagoon deck with friends, with the intoxicating aroma of copal burning as you watch the sunset and listen to a local band playing serenading experimental music. 

Photo Credit: Nomadic Odero

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