Soul Cacao Ceremony

Soul Cacao Ceremony

What Is A Cacao Ceremony?

A Cacao Ceremony is a medicinal & healing experience for your mind, body, and spirit. Origins source back to 1900 B.C. Traditionally Cacao Ceremonies have been conducted by the Maya and Ancient Aztec civilizations. Ancient shamans conducted ceremonies to prepare for their long distance journeys. 

Cacao Ceremony is the ultimate self-care ritual. It helps with restoring self-love, clarity, and enhancing your intuition. This is your personal journey to experience freedom and your intrinsic bliss. Being in a sacred space helps you get out of your regular frame of mind; allowing you to experience new insights & perspectives.

Recently, our Bali Tribe gathered together for a Cacao Ceremony led by our Soul Sister and Island Triber Layla Aluna.  Layla is an Energy Healer, Breathwork Facilitator, and Yoga teacher based in Bali Indonesia. Her offerings include, but not limited to Womb Activations, Divine Feminine and Embodiment Coach.  Layla is also a mom to the amazing Angel Star-Boy.  We’re obsessed with little Star!  Layla says, “Every single day I wake up looking at Star and think to myself, wow! Today he's the most beautiful and then the next day he surprises me with even more cuteness.”

Cacao Ceremony


cacao ceremony

Cacao Ceremony
What inspires you?

For me; It’s not about being always perfect, always happy, always on top of everything, always successful, or always making those healthy choices. It's about how gracefully we can dance through it all and appreciating the gifts of each situation that life blesses us with! Like the gift of Rainbows after the rain. Even the Moon takes different shapes every day, and we don't judge or label one phase better than the other.  Everything in nature is a constant change. There's day, there's night, there's sunshine, there's rain…
Island Tribe Cacao

What do you wear to a Cacao ceremony?

There's no special attire for a cacao ceremony.  We suggest wearing light or earthy colors. Earthy colors represent balance and peace. So dress comfortably because you'll be sitting down during meditation.  Layla is wearing Island Tribe organic cotton romper - Indio.

Who can join a Cacao Ceremony?

Anyone with good intentions can partake in a cacao ceremony. Friends, couples, sisters, mommy and me, and it's even a great ritual for your bridal party.  The ceremony is a path for those seeking guidance. It's a good practice to embark on a new chapter in your life, or if you're seeking a blissful path to enlightenment.  

What does it taste like?  

The Cacao tastes like a thick, earthy, strong dark chocolate with a fruity slightly bitter undertone. It is not the same cacao as in regular chocolate, and it doesn’t taste anything like hot chocolate.  The ceremonial cacao used is grown with pure spiritual intentions. A mediation dose is blended with natural herbs and then set aside for a healing tribute.  Freedom Cacao is an organic Ceremonial Grade Cacao from peru

The Best Way to Understand a Cacao Ceremony is to give it a try.

This experience is unique to each person, based on your intentions and mindset.  We welcome the curious first-timers and the loyal cacao enthusiasts with love and a smile. Book your Cacao Ceremony session today at Island Tribe

Honoring The Feminine Divine
As we celebrate women's month, we end by sharing one of Layla’s written word to honor the feminine Divine.
May we Support & Nourish each other through the Feminine Love & Beauty
May we Rejoice & Celebrate every woman's Victory & Radiance & may we Soften, and Dream up together the New Earth through the Vibrational Harmony of our Wombs 
I wouldn't be the Women I am
today without my SiSters
Each of you unlocked some part of the Goddess Within me!
Each of you helped me to Heal & Rise when I needed it the most!
Each of you Inspired me to Find the Fullness of my Divine Feminine Expression!
Each of you Showed Up, In Unconditional Sisterhood Love!
Each of you touched my Soul, Supported me to Rise, Held space for me when I was feeling Low, and Filled me Up with Wisdom & Power!
Each of You is part of Me Forever!
Credit - Photography by Daniel Sun
Cacao - Freedom Cacao
Location: Kundalini Temple House, Bali Indonesia

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