How to Create A Zen Living Space

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By following simple Feng Shui principles, you can create the Zen living space you have always yearned for. To achieve healthy energy flow in your living space, you need to include earth, air, water, fire, and spirit. Here are ten straight forward affordable tips to uplift and balance the energy in your home. 

Earth Element - The practice of grounding, usually done in the grass to feel a deeper connection to the earth, can be brought inside when you place softness and warmth at your feet, surround yourself with natural fabrics with rich green and earth tones of mother nature. Our organic rugs check all of the boxes.

Air Element - Welcome the energy of air into your house by cleansing and transmuting the energy within it. Smudging with sage helps do both. You can also include other herbs and plants with your sage, experiment with sweetgrass and sage, or rosemary and sage and more. Essential oils and incense are also good ways to shift the energy in your space and ease tense vibrations.

Water Element - Water is an essential element, helping to govern emotional bodies. Plants and greenery not only bring the earth element in, but the natural hydration of their soil and leaves also carry a water-rich vibration.

 Fire Element - Soft, natural light will uplift your mood and introduce the fire element. The sacral chakra is also full of fire, so you will want to surround yourself with items that bring pleasure to all five senses. Curl up with a warm cup of tea, wrapped in a soft, cozy blanket, enjoying a book of poetry or your favorite music. A Zen space is always full of pleasure and comfort. Our organic blankets will bring just the right energy. 

Spiritual Element - You can incorporate all five elements in a dedicated mediation or spiritual altar; crystals for the earth, candles for fire, sage for air, and florida water or mirrored elements for water. This sacred space will honor the spiritual energies in your home and within your being.

Finally, to achieve optimal Zen in your space, you want to keep your living space simple and natural. Pay tribute to the four natural elements while keeping your décor minimal and uncluttered. Our new organic home collection at features throws, blankets, and rugs to help accomplish just that.

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  • Hi island Tribe,

    Thanks for this informational blog. I love to sage and meditate at least few times a week. I am lucky to leave not so far from the beach in Carmel, California so I have access to high vibrations from the Ocean. Looking forward to the end of the Lockdown to go back outdoors but for now, we are using all your ideas at home. Happy to be in your Tribe!

    Stacie Brighton on

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