Dark Divide #RecreateResponsibly when exploring the outdoors

Dark Divide #RecreateResponsibly when exploring the outdoors

As members of the Recreate Responsibly Coalition. We're happy to share the coalition's collaboration with The Dark Divide Film, starring David Cross and Debra Messing!

The filmmakers of The Dark Divide want to remind you to #RecreateResponsibly when exploring the outdoors, so they've compiled a few hot tips for you from their movie starring David Cross and Debra Messing

 The Dark Divide is based on the true stories of renowned butterfly expert Dr. Robert Pyle's (Cross) perilous 1995 journey across one of America’s largest undeveloped wildlands. At the urging of his dying wife Thea (Messing), the shy author finds himself in over his head on an epic, life-changing expedition through Washington's Gifford Pinchot National Forest in search of new species. Featuring music by The Avett Brothers, and art by Jeremy Collins; watch the film on Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play and On Demand everywhere! http://www.darkdividefilm.com 



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