3 Quick Tips for a Mindful Day

3 Quick Tips for a Mindful Day

Ever had that feeling of needing a break?  Not a retreat, not a vacation, not a day off...But you just need to quiet the mind, be present and fully conscious, even in your daily routine. Here are 3 quick tips to having a  mindful day.

1. Meditation:  Starting your day with a morning meditation can gently release grogginess and help set the tone for a more successful day. Whether you wake up at 5am or 10am, incorporating a daily wake-up meditation can become your anchor in a day full of often unpredictable situations.

2. Mindful Eating:  Mindful Eating it's a conscious way of eating and enjoying food for both good health and pleasure. The goal is to base our meals and food choices on physical cues like hunger, rather than emotional triggers like stress or unhappiness. The intention is to help you savor the moment and encourage your full presence for the eating experience.

3. Being Present:  It’s very easy to get caught up in lots of distracting thoughts. However, when we take the time out to be present and be grateful for the little things it makes for a happy and peaceful mind.

Love + Light

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