Invite Your Worries On A Retreat ...

Invite Your Worries On A Retreat ...

We’re all familiar with our inner critic. Maybe you find yourself constantly worrying about your future. Are you good enough? Does regrets or mistakes from the past still have a grip on you?  It might be a small voice in the back of your head chanting it to you while you have your morning cup of coffee, or that little voice screaming it from the bottom of your soul while you lay awake at night. It doesn’t matter where it comes from, just that you are getting the message that your seemingly “perfect” life is actually leaving you out of tune with yourself.

When this happens, you can start feeling tired and irritated all the time and even the passion you have for your life, your relationships and career will start feeling like too much pressure.  If you are so motivated and your life allows it, it can be worthwhile to go on a meditative retreat under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

 A retreat will help you to nourish the practice of mindfulness. Giving you a boost of calm, focused natural energy and awaken your natural spark:

•Connect with your Compassion. To connect more deeply with others, we must face the one person that we keep on the shortest leash: the Self.  We often reject other people’s care or attention when we believe we don’t deserve it,  but there’s nothing special you must do to deserve love.  It’s simply because you exist.  A spiritual retreat will help to open your heart towards giving and receiving love.

•Connect with your Natural Awareness through Breath Work.  One of the most foundational aspects of mindfulness is the ability to calm and focus the mind through breathing.  This can be achieved by bringing your attention back to the rhythm of each breath every time your mind wanders. Through these mediation practices, you can strengthen your brain’s natural ability to focus over time.

•Connect with your Resilience. Everyone is driven by an inner desire to avoid suffering, find a measure of peace and ease by instinct. On a spiritual retreat you can practice taming your inner critic and invite more ease into your lives by Practicing mindfulness, positive affirmations, and becoming part of the collective energy raising the earth’s positive vibrations.

• Sisterhood. Connect and bond with your fellow sisters at a spiritual feminine level, and creating an unbreakable sisterhood of support. Listen to other members of your tribe speak and tell their stories and empower each other.

Rediscover the magic of nature and what it really means to live in tune with the earth’s vibrations. Enjoy the beautiful exotic surroundings and explore new experience or cultures with your fellow sisters

Wellness Retreats are about Healing, and we all need to be aligned or realign-with the universe from time to time. After a retreat, you will always be ready to face the world with a renewed energy and mindset. We invite you join our Sisterhood. Sign up for the upcoming Island Tribe Retreats  and other Mindful Workshops. Love and Light Always.

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