The Healing Path of Yvonne Szefer

The Healing Path of Yvonne Szefer

After years of learning from world-renowned spiritual practitioners, Yvonne has developed a healing structure of spiritual tools, and practices that open a channel connecting to guidance from her higher self, and divine guides.  As an empath her ability to tune into other's feelings and thought patterns has served as a guide for clients to discover their own healing process. Through a series of guided meditations, oracle readings, personalized intuitive readings, energy clearing, and spiritual coaching she’s witnessed transformations that unveil a deeper connection to the self through spiritual connection. 

The activate your inner light series included in the surrender retreat combines a number of healing modalities, and coaching techniques. This series is designed to effectively move through  fears, blocks, and stagnation within the mind/body. Yvonne has created an intentional structure of tools, practices, and guidance for overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of living from your authentic self. she integrates this series of practices for opening your heart to tune in, feel, and activate the guidance that already exists within you. the power of experiencing these practices  is the energy of your heart's desires is amplified when alongside the collective of like-minded soul sisters in the sacred sanctuaries of mystical Tulum, Mexico!

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